I try to read one at least article on Medium every day, letting the site’s algorithms find things and sent them to me in a Daily Digest. I consider my subscription there worth every penny. There is almost always something in my digest that really catches my attention. Sometimes its directly related to tarot. More often, it is part of what I call psychotericism (metaphysics of the mind) or something of a more general spiritual/occult/mysticism/wellness theme.

Today, it was an article by Mitch Horowitz called “You Are As Your Mind Is” which is about the metaphysics of Joseph Murphy. Now, my personal exploration into the New Thought paradigm has been pretty limited. Mitch Horowitz’s own book “The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality” was already on my audio book list for 2021 and I’ve bumped it up to what I listen to next, as soon as I’m done with The Kybalion– (The Kybalion will be a topic for another day).

The article talks about Murphy presenting the concept of mood and thought as causes of our circumstances rather than symptoms of them as is a more conventional model. There’s a lot to this that I will be poking at later after the holidays and the launch of the website. I think I will listen to Murphy’s “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” after I finish Horowitz’s book which is also available on audio book though it might be a bit higher on the religious/spiritual spectrum than I am right now.

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