Esoteric Tarot Lessons

“Remember that the Tarot is a great and sacred arcanum” – Jack Parsons

Sapientia Ianua Vitae

You will want a tarot journal (paper or online) and a paper (not app) RWS style deck for these classes. They are completely free. If you really enjoy them and want to donate $5-$25 as a gesture of appreciation? There is a paypal button down at the bottom for that. Otherwise, freely take what is useful and set aside anything that is not.

I do not by any stretch of the imagination consider myself “THE Authority” on esoteric tarot. There are many even more knowledgeable occultists out there. Not all of them are as good at being at being patient, open-minded and cheerful as I am. Occultists, like all other factions of human beings, simply aren’t hard-wired to get along. Yet.

I really wish I’d been taught these esoteric things in this order when I was teenager obsessed with Wicca and her first tarot deck. Back then, I failed miserably at trying to understand authors like Eileen Connolly, A.E Waite and Aleister Crowley because I didn’t have the right knowledge base. This was in that last era before the Internet.

Series One: The Foundation of Western Metaphysics

Lesson 1: Clarifying What Attributes & Correspondences Are

Lesson 2: The Monad And The Duality

Lesson 3: Trinary and Triplicities

Lesson 4: The Four Elements And Related Systems

Lesson 5: Seven Spheres Above, Seven Spheres Below (Part One)

Lesson 6: Seven Spheres Above, Seven Spheres Below (Part Two)

Lesson 7: The Twelve Zodiacal Signs in the Major Arcana

Lesson 8: QBL Lore & The Wheel of Fortune

Series Two: Éliphas Lévi (begins in March 2021)

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