(She/Her & They/ Them) I have studied Qabalistic tarot really long time. I’m also a Metaphysical Humanist, Democratic Socialist and proud member of both the LGBTQIA+ and Disabled communities.

Laurel aka The Loracular

(Laurel sounds like lore-el; Loracular sounds like lore-ak-yoo-lar. Oracles say oracular things)

Thank you for visiting my site! There are so many talented professional tarot readers online seeking paying clients. I am not offering a free or paid tarot reading service at this time. I retired from reading for clients seven years ago because of health issues.

I am a theoretical magician (think Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell) and will discuss Hermetic magic, the Qabalah, Metaphysical Humanism, the Left Hand Path or any related topic freely.

I do not work spells, cast rituals or preform even “white” magick by request or for money. I do not belong to a “secret” lodge or “mystery school” at this time. I have belonged to such organizations (BOTA, Temple of Set) in the past but not in over a decade.

I am the host of the Tarot Esoterica podcast. The first episode, Introduction, launches on January 3rd 2021. My Twitch channel launches on January 20th 2021.

I will chat to and work with tarot readers of any age, level of fluency in English, hate-free ideology or spiritual faith. You can find me among the friendly denizens of the Tarot, Tea & Me and Cult of Tarot communities. Those are great places to talk tarot with not just with me but many other friendly, knowledgeable folk.

On Twitter I chaotically wax between philosophical, political and silly. Consider yourself warned.

If you like my content? I will happily accept your financial patronage. I don’t run ads or produce subscriber-only content.

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