I Didn’t Die Or Get Bored!!

Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot copyright © NoMonet Full Court Press (1999)

What a deliriously good but crazy couple of months it has been. Things with both the website and Tarot Esoterica hit an abrupt stop following my last update because a couple of very amazing synchronous things happened.

After all my convictions last September/November in -how- I was going to create and distribute tarot content went right out the window at the end of April.

I -will- be writing a book after all. At least one. The book will be about a modern Qabalistic system that uses a Gra-style Tree of Life diagram and throws the Golden Dawn-based astrological and Hebrew alphabet attributions right out the window.

Just about every mainstream tarot author and deck creator uses the Golden Dawn-based attributions, so this isn’t simply writing a book, it is also creating at least one tarot deck that embodies the ideas behind the book.

Why is Laurel being so Crazy?

The Gra-Style or Natural Array Tree of Life

As much as I’d love to blame it all a pure hypermanic bi-polar phase, it is so much more than that. I have spent a couple of months really delving into both historical and modern Jewish kabbalism, into the evolution of the Alef-Beit, into the evolution of astrology, into reconnecting with my personal self-development and psychoteric work with the tarot and came to an abrupt realization:

My life purpose isn’t to teach either of the Big Two existing esoteric tarot systems- the English/Golden Dawn tradition or the French/Martinist tradition.

My life purpose is to create something else, something that somehow does two seemingly contradictory things at the same time.

I’m now assembling a less mystical more humanistic Qabalistic that honors Jewish Kabbalah without being appropriative. Included into this Great Work is stepping back modern esotericism derived from Hermeticism and Astrology to their Hellenistic roots and then applying all spiritual alchemy and archetypal psychology into a Tree of Life framework that manages to cover all of these basis.

There will be more frequent updates starting in June. Tarot Esoterica will be returning some time in the foreseeable future, probably January 2021. 🙂

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