Harris-Crowley Thoth (Thoth) Tarot Deck

If I could write a screenplay, it would be about the way Lady Frieda Harris (more than Aleister Crowley himself) took the initiative and ensured the Thoth deck came into existence. In my opinion, there is no better way to learn the history and symbolism of the Thoth tarot than to watch Eduardo Filipe Frejta’s hosted 5+ hour video of a Lon Milo DuQuette’s seminar on the topic.

If you click on the card names, a new tab linked to card meanings at TarotX,net will open. This is where I will be directing myself and student readers as a refence when I’m helping with Thoth readings during my “Tarot Lessons” streams on Twitch.

I encourage everyone to read “Clarifying What Attributes And Correspondences Are” before they go too deeply into all the titles, symbols, deities, etc., that are associated with individual cards in most Thoth texts. Some things associated with this deck are painted into specific cards and others things are based on Crowley’s writings including his poetry. I consider Crowley’s writings to be very mystical and full of his personal subjective truths and poetry.

There is only one significant difference between the Harris-Crowley’s Major Arcana Astrological/Hebrew associations and the RWS. “Tzaddi is not the Star” is a piece of knowledge that Crowley he received from his spirit guide. So Crowley associated Tzaddi’s qualities to the Emperor and juxtapositioned the letter He to the Star.

Thoth Major Arcana

0The FoolMutable Air (Modality)Alef
IThe MagusMercuryBet
IIThe PriestessMoonGimel
IIIThe EmpressVenusDalet
IVThe EmperorAries (Cardinal Fire)Tzaddi
VThe HierophantTaurus (Fixed Earth)Vau
VIThe LoversGemini (Mutable Air)Zain
VIIThe ChariotCancer (Cardinal Water)Chet
VIIIAdjustmentLibra (Cardinal Air)Lamed
IXThe HermitVirgo (Mutable Earth)Yod
XILustLeo (Fixed Fire)Tet
XIIThe Hanged ManFixed Water (Modality)Mem
XIIIDeathScorpio (Fixed Water)Nun
XIVArtSagittarius (Mutable Fire)Samekh
XVThe DevilCapricorn (Cardinal Air)Ayin
XVIThe TowerMarsPeh
XVIIThe StarAquarius (Fixed Air)Heh
XVIIIThe MoonPisces (Mutable Air)Qof
XIXThe SunSunResh
XXThe AeonCardinal Fire (Modality)Shin
XXIThe UniverseEarth & Saturn Tav

Decans are three subdivisions within each of the twelve zodiacal signs. I don’t know at this time if the author(s) of Book T were the first to make attributions of them to the minor trumps or it was borrowed from someone like Levi, possibly in a modified form. That’s a question I intend to explore though when time allows. My assumption is that these titles relate directly to one or more astrological texts available at the time.

The Thoth deck uses the exact same attributions of decans to the pips as the RWS deck. Some of the keywords (found on the Thoth deck but left off the RWS/BOTA decks) are duplicates and others are synonyms of a list found in Book T. Crowley’s versions have become the standard for esoteric tarot.

The ten sefirot (plural of sephira) are part of the Tree of Life which is at the heart of Qabalistic Tarot. Tarot decks can still be esoteric without being Qabalistic. The RWS, Thoth, BOTA, and Haindl decks are most definitely Qabalistic tarot decks. Qabalistic tarot is what I am most well-versed in.

Thoth Minor Arcana

“Lord of”
Ace of WandsKether
Two of WandsChokmahMars in AriesDominion
Three of WandsBinahSun in AriesVirtue
Four of WandsChesedVenus in AriesCompletion
Five of WandsGeburahSaturn in LeoStrife
Six of WandsTiparethJupiter in LeoVictory
Seven of WandsNetzachMars in LeoValour
Eight of WandsHodMercury in SagittariusSwiftness
Nine of WandsYesodMoon in SagittariusStrength
Ten of WandsMalkuthSaturn in SagittariusOppression
Ace of CupsKether
Two of CupsChokmahVenus in CancerLove
Three of CupsBinahMercury in CancerAbundance
Four of CupsChesedMoon in CancerLuxury
Five of CupsGeburahMars in ScorpioDisappointment
Six of CupsTiparethSun in ScorpioPleasure
Seven of CupsNetzachVenus in ScorpioDebauch
Eight of CupsHodSaturn in PiscesIndolence
Nine of CupsYesodJupiter in PiscesHappiness
Ten of CupsMalkuthMars in PiscesSatiety
Ace of SwordsKether
Two of SwordsChokmahMoon in LibraPeace
Three of SwordsBinahSaturn in LibraSorrow
Four of SwordsChesedJupiter in LibraTruce
Five of SwordsGeburahVenus in AquariusDefeat
Six of SwordsTiparethMercury in AquariusScience
Seven of SwordsNetzachMoon in AquariusFutility
Eight of SwordsHodJupiter in GeminiInterference
Nine of SwordsYesodMars in GeminiCruelty
Ten of SwordsMalkuthSun in GeminiRuin
Ace of DisksKether
Two of DisksChokmahJupiter in CapricornChange
Three of DisksBinahMars in CapricornWork
Four of DisksChesedSun in CapricornPower
Five of DisksGeburahMercury in TaurusWorry
Six of DisksTiparethMoon in TaurusSuccess
Seven of DisksNetzachSaturn in TaurusFailure
Eight of DisksHodSun in VirgoPrudence
Nine of DisksYesodVenus in VirgoGain
Ten of DisksMalkuthMercury in VirgoWealth

Thoth Court Cards

Knight of WandsFire of FireScorpio-SagittariusENTJCommander
Queen of WandsWater of FirePisces-AriesINTJArchitect
Prince of WandsAr of FireCancer-LeoENTPDebater
Princess of WandsEarth of FireINTPLogician
Knight of CupsFire of WaterAquarius-PiscesENFJProtagonist
Queen of CupsWater of WaterGemini-CancerINFJAdvocate
Prince of CupsAir of WaterLibra-ScorpioENFPCampaigner
Princess of CupsEarth of WaterINFPMediator
Knight of SwordsAir of AirTaurus-GeminiESTJExecutive
Queen of SwordsWater of AirVirgo-Libra ISTJThe Sage
Prince of SwordsFire of AirCapricorn-AquariusESTPEntrepreneur
Princess of SwordsEarth of AirISTPVirtuoso
Knight of DisksAir of EarthLeo-VirgoESFJConsul
Queen of DisksWater of EarthSagittarius-CapricornISFJDefender
Prince of DisksFire of EarthAries-TaurusESFPEntertainer
Princess of DisksEarth of EarthISFPAdventurer
The zodiacal rulership column associates the last two decans of the first sign
+ first decan of the sequential sign to the the Kings, Queens, and Knights.

These are the most conventional elemental and astrological associations made for the Thoth court cards.

There’s a lot of variance in how the court cards associate with the MBTI personality types. I have provided the MBTI associations I first learned from reading Linda Gail Walter’s work and appear on Tarotx. The MBTI archetype names are fairly conventual and found on 16personalities.com as an example. I plan to create a list of archetype names that are more nuanced for the Thoth Court cards when time allows.

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