The Star In The Pride Tarot

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“This card is a positive sign of a bright and hopeful future. Even when you are down and at your most vulnerable, let the light inspire you and guide you through the toughest times.” -Hannah Fofana (Pride Tarot Guidebook, © US Games Systems, Inc)

Suggested Archetype: The Innocent

As one of Jung’s twelve archetypes, the Innocent represents the part within all of us that delights in happiness. The Innocent freely gives and receives love without subjectivity or bias. They are simple in their motives and sincere in the actions. The Innocent not only provides the best of themselves to others, but they also inspire the best in others around them. Their hopes and dreams are contagious.

An Innocent is neither a fool or a victim. When their sincerity and trust is exploited, it brings out protective outrage in others on their behalf but they themselves will seek out a resolution that brings the greatest good to everyone involved, including those who took advantage of them. This is a quiet and subtle power, one forged in faith and conviction.

Primary Symbolism

The merman: Merfolk can represent life, fertility, and sensuality that is tantalizing just out of reach. As creatures of the Deep, they embody something easily craved but not easily found. This particular merman is not seeking out sailors to beguile and destroy. Instead, it swims out of the weeds to behold and exhalt in the light far above which illuminates its environment in a vibrant and energizing way.

The light upon the water: In the RWS tradition, a feminine figure is drawing water and redistributing it upon the earth in a harmonious and fertilizing way. Here, the beautiful merman is a creature of the water, who is drawn to the photic zone within the ocean where enough light penetrates the water to allow photosynthesis, likewise a place of fertilization.

Reading The Star (In General)

Upright this card could mean something like:

  • It is a wonderful time to pursue whatever plans you had in mind.
  • Your dreams and fantasies are sacred; don’t let others make you question them.
  • Be patient; this situation is going to resolve itself in your favor.
  • Do good unto others, even if they aren’t capable of being very good themselves right now.

Reversed this card could mean something like:

  • You or the person you are reading about has lost hope and needs encouragement and support from their loved ones right now to restore it.
  • What you are experiencing right now could be called a test of faith. Perserve.
  • Have faith and confidence in yourself; you are more capable than you think.
  • In order to receive the things you really want, you need to willingly provide them to others first.

The Star In Questions About Relationships

You as the Star Upright: This is a really good time to engage in a new intimate or romantic relationship. Be certain, however, that the objection of your affection is actually on the same page and has the same expectations that you do.

You as the Star Reversed: This card suggests that you are bored or uninspired or otherwise unhappy in your current relationship. It is an ideal time to work out what specific things you want and need, prioritizing what will bring you the most joy with the least conflict.

The Other Person as the Star Upright: This person has the inner qualities that make for a great relationship. Treat them with love and affection but don’t be excessive in your expectations or demands; they need the freedom to love and care for multiple people, possibly but not necessarily in a polyamorous way.

The Other Person as the Start Reversed: This card suggests that this person is struggling right now because of some kind of devastating tragedy or loss. They need and deserve a lot of sympathy, support, and loving-kindness but they may not be able to commit in the foreseeable future to the kind of relationship that prioritizes your own needs in return.

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”

— Marilyn Monroe

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