The Fool In The Pride Tarot

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“My synesthesia, which allows me to see emotions as colors, sees these concepts as bright sunshine yellow, light blue, and very happy pink.   This interpretation is with a hiker beginning a journey with a dog at their side.  I left the facial features nondescript in order to allow anyone to identify with them.” Sam Kahn (Pride Tarot Guidebook, © US Games Systems, Inc)

Suggested Archetype: The Seeker

This is one of my favorite interpretations of The Fool in any tarot deck I’ve ever worked with. The figure has begun a quest for self-identity or something of deeply personal value. When The Seeker is dominant in us? Having an “experience” is more important to us than achieving a tangible reward. Experiencing adventure is a higher priority than personal safety or fulfilling an obligation.

Sometimes a dramatic life change (completing high school, losing a job, getting a divorce, falling in love, losing someone) can trigger a Seeking. Other times, The Seeker simply begins to explore new things and is forever changed by those experiences. There is no right or wrong to being a Seeker but where your journey ends (or what your personal truths will be when you get there) can’t be predicted.

Primary Symbolism

The staff: The Fool’s walking stick corresponds to the Ace of Wands. It represents their inspiration, optimism and creative potential being active (they are holding it) and influencing what they perceive and are about to do.

The greyscale: Everything that is part of The Fool’s current state (except the rainbow flag at the center of the daisy) is devoid of spectral color to be a stark contrast between the present and the future that awaits them. While the sun isn’t depicted directly as it is the more standard RWS imagery, the way shadows fall allude to it being there above view.

The backpack: The Fool has everything they need for the journey ahead stowed away. This corresponds with the customary knapsack in classic RWS decks.

The white daisy: This flower corresponds to the traditional white rose held by the Fool in RWS decks. The white daisy is a symbol of innocence, purity, and transformation in many world mythologies. White in general is the color of innocence and or purity in esoteric tarot.

The rainbow flag: That tiny little rainbow in the center of the flag embraces the fact that this deck was created to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community in all its diversity. The placement there, right at in the center of the sacred white flower endorses the “rightness” and “naturalness” of LGBTQIA+ life and culture.

The dog: The dog on this version of the RWS seems particularly loyal, controlled, and ready to join its human on whatever happens next. I think it represents that the Fool is not having to move into the future alone without support or love. They might be traveling their own path in some aspects but they are far from alone in others.

The rainbow sky: I quoted Sam Kahn in their own words above. I’ve read that Pamela Colman Smith also possessed synesthesia and based on what I’ve read of her, I think she would very much appreciate Sam Kahn’s visual interpretation of her original work.

Reading The Fool (In General)

Upright this card could mean something like:

  • Consider and contemplate what to do next before plunging ahead.
  • It’s okay to pursue your dreams right now.
  • Being happy is this person’s biggest ambition.
  • Even if the future seems uncertain, the person/situation that is the topic of the reading will be okay.

Reversed this card could mean something like:

  • This is a very bad time to be impulsive or act on emotional impulses.
  • Cut down on drinking, gaming or other recreational activities if they are excessive.
  • Don’t let daydreams about the future distract you from your current situation.
  • Don’t run away from whatever is going on right now. Deal with the core issue, then go from there.

The Fool In Questions About Relationships

You as the Fool Upright: There are a lot of possibilities and opportunities presenting themselves. It is an auspicious time to start a new romantic relationship or zealously throw time/energy into your family or social activities. If you are hesitating to connect with someone or something because of fear or bad experiences in your past? Take a deep breath and then let the person you are -now- plunge forward and have this new relationship courageously and defiantly.

You as the Fool Reversed: If you are obsessing about this other person romantically or otherwise? Take a moment and evaluate both them and yourself. Are these feelings mutual? Do you share the same values and priorities? Is there someone or something else involved (with either of you) that complicates things? {A second tarot reading where you ask and answer such questions might be helpful}.

The Other Person as the Fool Upright: They are open to new experiences/relationships at this time but might not have a commitment to you (or anyone) in mind. Regardless of what they express in words, they are in a place of transition or transformation; what is true for them today might not be true next week or next month. In terms of personality and values, they are probably someone who has a good heart and the best of intentions.

If they are young (especially if they are significantly younger than you), they might be somewhat naïve or inexperienced so be very patient and nurturing. On the other hand, if they are young (especially if they are significantly younger than you), they might be selfish, self-absorbed, and lacking in self-discipline and maturity. Either way, this person is probably very creative, impulsive, and adorably and/or exasperatingly foolish.

The Other Person as the Fool Reversed: This person has a lot of growing up to do, regardless of their actual age. If this is someone you feel romantically attracted to, be very careful. Don’t invest yourself and your resources into them blindly; pay close attention to how they treat not just you but others and themselves.

The Fool Reversed can be very irresponsible, reckless, (possibly an addict), or suffering from a condition that interferes in having a healthy relationship. If this is a family member or close friend? You probably already know the flaws in their personality. Those flaws are probably currently active. This means that if they have a bad habit (lying, stealing, spending money compulsively, acting irrationally, etc.,) it’s probably going on in whatever situation you are asking about in the reading.

“The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.”

― Winston S. Churchill

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