The Chariot In The Pride Tarot

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“Caitlin Jenner was chosen to portray this card because she had the drive and vision to become the woman she is today.” – Callie French (Pride Tarot Guidebook, © US Games Systems, Inc)

Suggested Archetype: The Hero

In literature, the hero is usually the protagonist of the story. The plot centers on their quest to reach an obstacle or monster in order to defeat it on behalf of some force or institution greater than themselves. There will be a suitable reward. The hero is rarely the same person at the end of the quest as they’d been at the beginning. They have suffered losses since the quest began. Along the way, they typically have seemingly random encounters where the gods (or karma) judge and reward their acts of charity and compassion.

In modern stories, the hero is far from a paragon; they usually suffer from some serious character defects. In modern stories, we want heroes that we can identify with who find the resilience and courage to triumph over the symbols of the very institutions or personality types that make our lives grim and miserable. The hero, in fiction, usually gets to win.

Primary Symbolism

Caitlin Jenner as the charioteer: Rather than go into Caitlin’s story myself, I am simply going to provide this short YouTube documentary called “The True Story Of How Bruce Jenner Became Caitlyn Jenner.” The charioteer is wearing the same dress as Caitlin did in 2014 on the cover of Vanity Fair. In their left hand, they hold a long crystal-tipped wand that can be associated with power and/or magic. Their belt, necklace, and crown are all emblems of spiritual benediction with subtle non-binary and gender-fluid iconography.

The sphinxes: Yingyang is the Chinese philosophy of polar opposition which Western occult philosophy describes as The Law of Polarity. Yin and Yang are the two binary primes that contain one another. These sphinxes represent yinyang in multiple ways. Sphinxes have a fair amount of occult symbolism on their own as mystical, mysterious amalgamations of godly, bestial, and human traits.

The shield: White and red are another symbol of polarity in the RWS style tarot. The red symbol in the center of the shield the Hindu Lingam & Yoni, the sexual masculine and feminine in a union. Directly above it is blue outstretched wings with a glowing sun in the middle, a symbol of divinity or divine favor that transcends any polar or dualistic division.

The chariot itself: The chariot makes us think of ancient heroes and epic battles, lending to the hero archetype. The golden wheels and trim have a very solar aspect to them, well contrasted with the soft pastels of the transgender flag that serves as the canopy.

The background: Beyond the river and palm trees, the Los Angeles cityscape stretches across the card. The sense that I get from this specific card is that the charioteer is patiently and eagerly defending “their” city from anything that would threaten it externally.

Reading The Chariot (In General)

Upright this card could mean something like:

  • You will overcome the current problem or obstacle you are facing.
  • Prepare yourself for an upcoming battle against someone biased or bigoted.
  • The matter at hand requires you to be very commanding and “alpha” in order to get moving.
  • You will be well-rewarded in the long-term for making sacrifices for others in the short-term.

Reversed this card could mean something like:

  • Pause and re-evaluate the situation before moving forward. Is everyone else involved in giving you accurate information?
  • Don’t let depression or anxiety prevent you from meeting your basic needs; find the resilience to reach the next important goal.
  • Make certain that you are championing the right cause in the right way.
  • The situation may not be one you can fix. You need to seriously consider walking away.

The Chariot In Questions About Relationships

You as the Chariot Upright: You are in an ideal position to start a new relationship or restore an old one. Be heroic but welcoming of your potential partner’s own strength and power.

You as the Chariot Reversed: Right now might be the time to work on your own self-discipline, emotional resilience and/or financial security rather than seeking a new partnership with another. Make sure you are not seeking someone to fix or save you.

The Other Person as the Chariot Upright: This person is easy to admire and fall for. You can trust them to sincerely believe what they say and follow through on promises made. If, however, they seem to be pursuing something else, especially regarding a career or artistic/spiritual calling? That will remain their priority over you.

The Other Person as the Chariot Reversed: Right now, this person might be stuck or “spinning” their wheels. They may be needy, dependent, co-dependent and be very inclined to define themselves as a victim. This is something they are likely to overcome in the future, especially with encouragement.

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. – Christopher Reeve

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