The Pride Tarot

Why This Deck Gets Special Attention

The Pride Tarot A Collaborative Deck is © by US Games Systems, Inc

The RWS and Thoth tarot decks have excellent resources via books, websites, and YouTube dedicated to them. I feel like I provide greater benefit to the online tarot community simply by directing folk to the RWS/Thoth resources that I get the most personal value from.

The Pride tarot, however, is very new. It is inspired by the RWS tradition but every card also has unique and more inclusive symbolism, metaphors, and iconography. As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I consider it a very appropriate use of my time to write articles specifically about the Pride Tarot. I want to do this with the New Era Elements tarot as well but that might not start until 2022. I will finish all 78 cards in this deck first.

I wrote articles for the first five cards in the Major Arcana back in the fall/winter of 2020 and present them online now. I will continue to post new articles as schedule and health allows.

Right now, there are very few online resources for this deck so I will be hard at work on that myself. While inspired by the RWS tradition, the Pride Tarot is truly unique.

Robert Alvarez has created a series of YouTube videos on the Pride Tarot that I personally enjoy and encourage people to check out.

Pride’s Major Arcana

0 – The Fool by Sam Kahn
I – The Magician by Felix D’eon
II – The High Priestess by Polly Fae
III – The Empress by Holly Siera
IV – The Emperor by Caroline Kaplan
V – The Messenger (Hierophant) by Christy C. Road (added 1/5/21)
VI- The Lovers by Robin Scott (added 1/12/21)
VII- The Chariot by Callie French (added 1/19/21)
VIII- Strength by Stanley Morrison (added 1/26/21)
IX- The Hermit by Christine Zillich (added 2/2/21)
X- The Wheel of Fortune by Liz Blackbird (added 2/16/21)
XI- Justice by Catrin Welz-Stem (added 3/9/21)
XII- The Hanged Man by Joe Lee (added 3/17/21)
XIII- Death by Matt Hughes (added 3/26/21)
XIV- Temperance by Ryan Edward (added 4/13/21)
XV- The Devil
by  Irene Lorenzi (added 4/27/21)
XVI- The Tower by Kat Black (added 5/5/21)
XVII- The Star by Hannah Fofana (added 5/9/21)

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