The New Era Elements (NEE) Tarot Deck

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I have not been able to find out much about the author Eleonore F. Pieper, PhD beyond what is mentioned in the deck’s accompanying guidebook. I am not certain if she participates in the online tarot community in any way. There are a few deck reviews and unboxing videos about but to my knowledge, no one has yet done any deep delving into this deck and its unique symbolism.

The New Elements Era deck draws on all manner of symbolism, old and modern. The author kept conventional astrological attributions which appear on all the cards but did not include Qabalistic ones. It is one of the most modern and inclusive decks that US Games Systems publishes. I expect to use it quite a bit for my explorations into what I have named psychoterica.

The imagery is so very unique that I don’t feel there are any sites that do it justice in terms of being a good learning resource.

So expect my content for the NEE to slowly expand. For now, I am providing a single upright and reversed key word or phrase that resonates for me personally with the non-court cards in this specific deck. If they are likewise included in the Guidebook, that is coincidence.

New Era Elements Major Arcana

0The FoolMutable Air (Modality)GenesisIrresponsibility
1The MagusMercuryInventionSelfishness
2The High PriestessMoonMysteriumStasis
3The EmpressVenusGrowthPossessiveness
4The EmperorAries (Cardinal Fire)CivilizationTyranny
5The HierophantTaurus (Fixed Earth)Spiritual GuidanceDogmatism
6The LoversGemini (Mutable Air)BelongingBetrayal
7The ChariotCancer (Cardinal Water)PurposeDenial
8AdjustmentLibra (Cardinal Air)BalanceStruggle
9The HermitVirgo (Mutable Earth)IntrospectionLoneliness
10Wheel of FortuneJupiterAdaptabilityHelplessness
11StrengthLeo (Fixed Fire)PrideRage
12The Hanged ManFixed Water (Modality)PatienceFrustration
13DeathScorpio (Fixed Water)Natural ClosureFear of Change
14TemperanceSagittarius (Mutable Fire)AlchemyChaos
15The DevilCapricorn (Cardinal Air)SufferingApathy
16The TowerMarsExplosive TransformationBlind Destruction
17The StarAquarius (Fixed Air)Inspired HopeUnrealistic Goals
18The MoonPisces (Mutable Air)Shadow RealmBedlam
19The SunSunExaltationHubris
20JudgmentCardinal Fire (Modality)Self-ConfrontationSurrender
21The UniverseEarth & Saturn SynergyExhaustion

New Era Elements Minor Arcana

“Lord of”
Ace of Fire(Creative Spark)True WillConflicting Desires
2 of FireMars in AriesDominationNecessary ChallengePointless Confrontation
3 of FireSun in AriesExplorationLaunch ForwardStuck or Unready
4 of FireVenus in AriesPerfectionMasteryIll-Prepared
5 of FireSaturn in LeoConflictConfrontationCowardice
6 of FireJupiter in LeoVictoryPersonal TriumphVanity
7 of FireMars in LeoBraveryCourage Under FireSelf-Righteousness
8 of FireMercury in SagittariusSwiftnessProgressDisorder or Panic
9 of FireMoon in SagittariusPowerPraxisSelf-Sabotage
10 of FireSaturn in SagittariusOppressionSocial InjusticeLack of Discipline
Ace of Water(Emotional Wellspring)New Love or BeliefClouded Perception
2 of WaterVenus in CancerLoveHarmonyIdealism
3 of WaterMercury in CancerAbundanceGood FlowBeing Taken For Granted
4 of WaterMoon in CancerCommunityStable EnvironmentBoredom, Restlessness
5 of WaterMars in ScorpioDisappointmentGriefTrapped In Past
6 of WaterSun in ScorpioHappinessWish Come TrueSelf-Isolation
7 of WaterVenus in ScorpioIllusionImpaired JudgementParanoia
8 of WaterSaturn in PiscesDespairGiving UpEscape Into An Addiction
9 of WaterJupiter in PiscesJoyAuspicious FutureArrogance
10 of Water Mars in PiscesRepletionCompletionStagnation
Ace of Air(The Personal Consciousness)ComprehensionAnalysis Paralysis
2 of AirMoon in LibraEquilibriumResolution of DifferencesProcrastination
3 of AirSaturn in LibraGriefSuffering to OvercomeSelf-Torture
4 of AirJupiter in LibraTruceAchieving ToleranceLack of Empathy
5 of AirVenus in AquariusDefeatHumiliation & LossSadism or Self-Destruction
6 of AirMercury in AquariusKnowledgeDiscovering SolutionsBiased Perceptions
7 of AirMoon in AquariusDeceptionLying or Being Lied ToDistrust or Fear of Honesty
8 of AirJupiter in GeminiInterferenceFacing Multiple
Ask For Help
9 of AirMars in GeminiCrueltyTraumatizing
In A Toxic Relationship
10 of AirSun in GeminiDestructionNeed To Start OverRepeating A Mistake
Ace of Earth(The Material Realm)New ResourcesExploitive Ambitions
2 of EarthJupiter in CapricornChangeBalancing DualityStress
3 of EarthMars in CapricornWorkCollaborationBurnout
4 of EarthSun in CapricornStabilityMaterial SecurityUngenerosity
5 of EarthMercury in TaurusTormentPoverty or IllnessLosing Hope
6 of EarthMoon in TaurusSuccessAchievementDisappointing
7 of EarthSaturn in TaurusFailureInauspicious
Misleading Assumptions
8 of EarthSun in VirgoCircumspectionSolid OrganizationStuck In A Routine
9 of EarthVenus in VirgoGainPositive OutcomeImpatience
10 of EarthMercury in VirgoWealthAccomplishment of DesiresEnnui

New Era Element Court Cards

Father of FireFire of FireMasai (Africa)ENTJCommander
Daughter of Fire Water of FireMasai (Africa)INTJArchitect
Son of FireAr of FireMasai (Africa)ENTPDebater
Mother of FireEarth of FireMasai (Africa)INTPLogician
Father of WaterFire of WaterHawaiian (Pacific Isles)ENFJProtagonist
Daughter of WaterWater of WaterMaori (Pacific Isles)INFJAdvocate
Son of WaterAir of WaterMaori (Pacific Isles)ENFPCampaigner
Mother of WaterEarth of WaterMaori (Pacific Isles)INFPMediator
Father of AirFire of AirChinese (Asia)ESTJExecutive
Daughter of AirWater of AirJapanese (Asia) ISTJThe Sage
Son of AirAir of AirChinese (Asia)ESTPEntrepreneur
Mother of AirEarth of AirMongolian (Asia)ISTPVirtuoso
Father of EarthFire of EarthEuro-AmericanESFJConsul
Daughter of EarthWater of EarthEuro-AmericanISFJDefender
Son of EarthAir of EarthEuro-AmericanESFPEntertainer
Mother of EarthEarth of EarthEuro-AmericanISFPAdventurer
The NEE deck associates “Water” with Daughter (Page/Page) and “Earth” with Mother (Queen).

The cultural representation category is on the chart for educational purposes only. I don’t associate or correspond any culture with a suit or element. I won’t be to comparing or contrasting these cultures with one another in my writings about this deck.

There’s a lot of variance in how the court cards associate with the MBTI personality types. I have provided the MBTI associations I first learned from reading Linda Gail Walter’s work and how it appears on Tarotx. The MBTI archetype names are fairly conventual and found on as an example. I have them matched elementally so, for example, “Water of X” and “Earth of X” continue to correspond with the same pairings in other decks. I plan to adapt to archetype names that are better nuanced for this specific deck in the near future.

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