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The Descent Into Dissent

This is political. This is also about psychic weirdness. This is about asking a good question that is unfortunately the wrong question. This is where I am today.


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From my private journal on Monday 1/4/2021

(7:50 am) I woke up at 2:30 am with a panic attack and certainty that I should ~not~ try and start streaming on January 20th.  I could not get back to sleep.  I did everything I could to calm down because I was practically hyperventilating.  I am proud of my strategies and they helped: 4fold breathing, LBRP, hot shower, hot chocolate, listening to more Queering The Tarot audio, while laying with eyes closed, and then getting up at 6:30 am.

But I still feel off and weird and anxious, even after some relaxing time on the tarot forums.

Signifier: Is this about -me/health or about Nation/politics (?) ~ 9 of Worlds~ 

1. What is going to happen on February 20th: 14. Temperance 

There is going to be an inauguration that will take place without domestic terrorism, martial law, or anything outside of the reasonable norms.  The Inauguration will go ~fine~

2. How is this going to happen: Son of Water (Prince of Cups)

In this case, Prince of Cups represents Biden-Harris/team; the energy of the 16 archetypes that they have right now and are bringing to the table is The Mediator (INFP)

{{skips notes typed to self from 16Personalities on the INFP; you can read them there}}

So the Inauguration is not the issue.

3. Why is this going to happen: 2 of Earth (Change) :
For all of his posturing, his threats, and the media attention, Donald Trump is not as dangerous as I think he is.  He does not have the power, he is crazy, and he’s not as popular as I’m being told he is.  Good things -are- coming.

4. What is my role in this? 9 of Water (Despair):
This is about me.  This is me having a panic attack because I don’t think I will be ready in time.  This is simply about me feeling stage fright over that stream and there ~might~ be some asthma/health stuff between now and then, I might not feel great that day.  Okay. 

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I really do hope my reading about the Inauguration on the 20th is right; I really -want- things to go smoothly and we see CHANGE.

I want Joe Biden to hold to the archetype of the Mediator! I want an administration that brings what INFP brings to the table.

…But with hindsight, I understand perfectly fine that whatever you want to call my panic attack/voice telling me that I should not try to become a Twitch streamer in 3 weeks? The flash of something VERY BAD happening on Capitol Hill relating to the presidency… it wasn’t about the Inauguration specifically and that even will (hopefully) be exactly what my cards promised: Temperance Incarnate.

I was given a warning and time to prepare myself mentally/emotionally by the Powers That Be about yesterday.

11-6-21 The Capitol Breach

Yesterday? Capitol Hill law enforcement allowed Trump supports who commit an act of domestic terrorism as part of an attempted Insurrection involving senators, congressmen, and those tourists.

When it began, I was feeling ~jubilant~ over democratic wins in Georgia, in crowing about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and a little bouncy. But I also felt ~compelled~ to start watching Congress deal with the Electoral College. It had been years since I had C-Span on. But I felt a compulsion, an urgency to watch C-Span & C-Span2 with Twitter open and I was listening to each speaker and adding names to a list: those who were interfering in Biden’s lawful nomination and those who were not. I was very political activist mode and feeling empowered and self-righteous…….

…. and then that turned to shock and rage. NOTHING got done from 11 am PST to 11 pm PST by me except tweeting more in 12 hours than I had since joining Twitter in mid September, talking briefly in Discord to friends and watching the news feeds…

9-11 was a terrifying heartwrenching day. 9-11 was a worse personal experience for me as a human being and clairsentient. Yesterday, the Capitol Breach? It didn’t scare me to the core the same way. It. PISSED. ME. OFF.

And I’m still angry. I am outraged on the behalf of a dozen different groups most especially the all-black janitorial staff left cleaning up the mess left behind by racist good ol boys who’d been allowed to waltz in, had been invited in by President Trump who was throwing a hissy fit because Vice President Trump rejected joining him in treason and was, in fact, going to do his job at the end of the electoral college count and announce Joe Biden as the lawfully elected president of the United States.

I won’t be starting to teach tarot on Twitch.TV on January 20th. I ~might~ start teaching tarot on Twitch.TV on February 7th or 14th but I’m no longer going to advertise. Because I don’t think right now is at all the right time for me to try and pull in a diverse community of tarot readers/occultists together and manage it.

I might be way too busy being an Anti-Fascist and fighting MAGA. I might be too busy writing and spellcrafting. I would ~really~ like to raise money via tarot content creation to support causes like local charities and food banks. And trust me, if people end up donating to me via this webpage, I will gleefully use that money to help people. But I think right now? I need to just help people- and I need to be more political activist and a magician who would make Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell proud.

Because they used their magick for their country. They used it to fight a war.

The War For Democracy (And Democratic Socialism) in the United States really, truly, utterly began yesterday. 1-7-21 was the beginning. And while I’m sure I’m sounding a bit bonkers, talking about wielding magick like I was Harry with a wand. No, it doesn’t work that way. But magic, especially psychoteric Mind Magick is potent stuff and both sides are using it. Most of those using it would never call it magick.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz aren’t half as dangerous as Josh Hawley. And yes, oh yes, the papers (the ones people like ME read) are full of outrage and want to see them all punished. Lots of people are angry, the mood in the country as its being presented ~seems~ to assure things are going to only go better for my ideological side from here but I’m not going to assume that. Instead? As a humanitarian, an activist, and a magician, I’m going to do everything in my power to push my society HARD-LEFT because the HARD-RIGHT will KILL.US.ALL and I’m done living a life where I don’t fight to stop them.


My time as part of a Twitter-mob yesterday was long. Let me end this blog entry with a few posts from myself. The first was the one that was most heard, reposted and imo, the most essential for us as a nation

You don’t have to share ~my~ flavor of politics to agree with this one. You only have to live outside of the MAGA reality and believe they are fundamentally wrong about the US election stolen from Donald Trump and want to see his attempts to steal it from Joe Biden be punished to the fullest extent of bipartisan and nonpartisan law.

“Sedition is not conservatism. The rest of the GOP has a moral and ideological imperative to punish them all and ensure this never happens again. The cost of failure to do it themselves will be much higher and the window to act is short.” – TLoracular

(on the claims that the Trump-supporting Capitol breachers were antifa)

“… everyone knows that the Far-Left was way too busy celebrating the GA/Senate win and talking about what that meant to be doing anything else at that time and place.. right?? You guys are just selling headlines, right?? @WeAreSinclair : – TLoracular

(on some people trying to promote themselves/their brands in the middle of everything else going on)

“please. Give us at least 12 more hours of just be seethingly outraged and not in the mood for wellness industry capitalism waving verbal snake oil.” -TLoracular

“What is making all of us (right, left, and center) so CRAZY over Trump+TrumpCult is they aren’t just lying like normal politicians, they -are- delusional and believe their bullshit; even Pence/McConnell realize how screwed they are tonight and don’t know what to do.” -TLoracular

“They mislearned the lessons of 9-11. They forgot that we only gave up so much out of fear of terrorism and the Bush administration got all the cooperation.

Today, THEY were the terrorists…. and it will be the Biden administration that gets all the cooperation.” -TLoracular

(on the death of the white female capitol breacher who was shot by law enforcement)

“We’ve lost hundreds and thousands of unarmed people of color because scared/angry cops pulled triggers when they shouldn’t have. Those who protested were brutalized MORE.

Maga-folks? The POTUS invited you onto Capitol Hill today. He said it would be wild. You made it so.” -TLoracular

Tarot Reading Tips

What Is A Querent?

Querent (Kweer-ent or Kware-ent) is a fancy word for the person in a tarot reading who’s asking the question that the tarot reader will be answering. When you are reading tarot for yourself, you are the querent. I use the word client for a querent who is paying you for your service as a tarot reader.

Using Tarot Spreads

Spreads are a matter of taste. It can be argued that simply every card you lay down and look at while asking a question is a spread. I am going to be slightly more academic than that. To me? A spread is a method of laying down cards in a specific order in a specific pattern to enhance a reader’s ability to answer questions. There is an unlimited number of spreads that can be used. I don’t use anything more complicated than seven cards because that is the limit of the average memory span to remember packets of information.

I personally divide spreads into five categories based on their purpose. Having the querent decide on a category and then pick a specific spread from a list really helped us work as a collaborative team- and that collaboration made for a much better reading experience based on feedback I was given. I did not advertise myself as a psychic; I did advertise myself as a card slinging life coach.

  • Forecasting: Spread is intended to predictively answer a question about the future based information regarding the past and present.
  • Relationship Advice: Spread is intended to help the querent sort through the feelings and behaviors that shape a relationship with another person; it might address what can be done by the querent to shape the relationship differently.
  • Problem-Solving: The querent wants to achieve a specific, tangible goal but there is at least one obstacle in the way. This spread will advise them on how to recognize and overcome an obstacle.
  • Self-Development: Spread helps querent recognize current state of wellness and set an achievable goal for some kind of self-improvement.
  • Creative: Spread is designed for a creative pursuit like overcoming writer’s block, inspiring a new story or drawing, designing a role-playing character, etc.

Asking The Good Question

Here are some of the best articles on this topic already out there on the web. First learning how to be a good querent will help make you into a great tarot reader. Mastering the art of asking good questions is also a skill that will simplify life when you talk to anyone about anything thereafter. Really.

10 Great Questions to Ask During a Tarot Reading…and a Few That Kinda Suck by Theresa Reed on Medium (Disclosure: Theresa aka The Tarot Lady is a Twitter friend and I’m biased in her favor; she really is a remarkable writer, podcaster, and reader though)

How to Phrase Effective Tarot Card Questions and Get the Most From Your Tarot Reading at

The Art Of Asking Powerful Questions In Your Tarot Readings at

Questions To Ask In Tarot Readings by Jessica Estrada on Well+Good

Vital Tarot Reader Etiquette

This is a topic I have strong opinions on. I set a high bar for social conduct on myself and want to get called on it when I fall short myself.

Don’t use slurs or hate-speech. Treat every querent with cheerful respect as your default right up to the point they lose your respect. Then cheerfully walk yourself out of the situation or ask them to leave. If they were a paying client, you don’t owe them a refund.

Recognize your own cognitive biases when they trigger. Recognize when something inside you is judging someone else too positively or negatively. Take a moment then to the best of your ability treat this person with ~impartial~ respect and goodwill.

Listen to how your querent expresses themselves. Pay close attention to make sure you understand them. Take notes if you need to. Don’t talk down or patronizingly but do moderate your word choices, tone, speech to make sure they can understand you too. The better you are communicating at the start of the reading, the better the reading is going to go from there.

Let your querent paint the canvas when it comes to how much or how little you both talk about spirituality and metaphysics. Keep an open mind. Respectively work with their personal truths as best you can. Make sure you say “This is what I believe” or “This is what I think” or “For me, I see it as...” rather than applying your personal spiritual or philosophical truth as something universal.

Do not exploit people for money or anything else. Yes, charge a reasonable rate or accept donations. Just don’t manipulate vulnerable people to your own selfish ends. Find a way to support people who support you. Be charitable towards one person less fortunate than yourself with whatever income your tarot work provides. This will help you keep a sense of humility and perspective. Also? If you do believe in spirits, guides or karma? You are probably going to learn that honesty, charity, and humility are a ~really~ good idea.